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Allergies - Light Therapy
Photo therapy is proven to be of benefit for those of you suffering with allergic rhinitus, from hayfever, animal allergy, dust mite allergy or mould. Visible red light is used to de-sensitise the nasal passages, which inhibits the release of histamine without the need for steroids or drugs. Stops sneezing and runny noses when all else has failed. Works in just a couple of weeks!

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Medinose Nasal Allergy Treatment - hayfever dustmite blocked noise

Ref: LTMED001
Price:   £81.70 inc. VAT

Availability: 1-3 working Days.

Are you one of the millions of people who suffer with sneezing, itchy, runny blocked nose? Are you loathe to take long term, potentially harmful and expensive medication to control your symptoms? Well now there is a great way to tackle this irritating condition, painlessly, quickly, safely and totally drug free. Medinose is a brand new way to treat allergic rhinitis, animal allergy, hayfever and dust mite allergy using phototherapy. This device targets your sensitive nasal passages, desensitizing them, to help defend you from the allergic reaction. The specific bandwidth of visible red light utilized in the Medinose inhibits the release of histamine, slowing down or even eliminating the allergic reaction and the inflammation of your nasal passages. In a controlled trial, 72% of participants reported a reduction in symptoms, which was confirmed by examination showing a significant lessening of nasal inflammation. The Medinose consists of a small power pack, with 2 light probes which you insert into your nostrils for just 5 minutes at a time, 2-3 times a day.
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BioStick Cold Sore Treatment

Ref: LTOBP001
Price:   £36.00 inc. VAT

Availability: 1-3 working Days.

Do you suffer from cold sores or mouth and gum ulcers?Are you fed up with having continuous reoccurence of cold sores?Why not dramatically reduce the pain and duration of these infections with the clinically proven BioStick Cold Sore Treatment!Based on the principle of Phototherapy, the BioStick uses 630 nm normal red light to treat any area affected by cold sores.Once placed against the skin with the sore,the light wave increases blood flow to the affected area,stimulating the immune cells and consequently increasing the healing time of the sore.
About the size of a large pen and powered by two AA batteries, the BioStick does not give off any heat and does not hurt or burn the skin.It can be used alongside other topical and oral cold sore medications, and has been proven to be an effective treatment of mouth ulcers and gingival inflammation.You will begin to see marked improvements in just 24 hours, with complete recovery within 5 days.
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