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Inverter 5006 Liquid Fuel Heater
Cost effective paraffin heater with odourless operation

Inverter heaters are specifically for those looking to save significantly on their heating bills as the electric running costs are virtually negligible. Cost effective whilst remaining efficient, inverter heaters differ from the usual paraffin heaters as they provide a virtually odourless operation, help to easily monitor what is being consumed and consequently control your expenses. The Inverter 5006 offers a power range from 0.8kW to 3.2kW with a heating capacity of 130m 3 .

Features & Benefits
- Runs on either paraffin or on low odour Tozane but requires a mains power connection
- Fully automatic output power modulation between 800W and 3200W
- Full function timer programming for every day of the week allows unit to be programmed to come on in the morning and off at night every day of the week
- Built in whisper quiet fan provides hot convection airflow throughout the room, ensuring that the entire room is uniformly warm
- Up to 59 hours heating from a single 5L tank fill at lowest setting
- Carbon Monoxide sensor with auto shut-down and flame monitoring
- 3 function LED 'Visio' mode display
- Digital temperature control
- ECO button switches heater on and off completely automatically
- Cool side walls mean no burn risk
- Tip-over sensor automatically shuts the unit down
- Child lock and low tank warning alarm
- 2 year warranty extendable to 3 years if you purchase 5 x 20L drums of Tozane within a year. Subject to providing five of the labels found on the packaging of your Tozane 20L drum

Product Specifications
Product Specifications


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Heaters: Heaters are an essential in every home, helping to keep the cold at bay during the winter months. Portable heaters come in really handy especially if your home or office tends to be cold even with the central heating on, or in areas where heating cannot be installed, for example, a conservatory.

Our range of heaters have been carefully selected to ensure that you not only get that all important warmth during those cold winter days but you also get the added benefits that come with them.

Inverter: Inverter are the world's leading manufacturer of heating oil and undisputed leaders in terms of quality.With constant research efforts, the Inverter heaters remain at the forefront of modern day technology and maintain their efficiency, comfort and reliability. To ensure the highest quality levels, strict quality controls are carried out on all components and the units thoroughly tested before leaving the assembly line.</p>

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